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Hospice and Home Care: A Great Partnership

In most disease processes, there comes a time when a person is ready to stop putting their body and spirit through the taxing paces of aggressive treatment.  At this point, the person is ready to focus on truly living the life they have left.  Care then, becomes about keeping the person as healthy and comfortable as possible so they can live life to the fullest, enjoying friends, family and pets and doing things they love.  This is the time to engage hospice. It is also a time when hospice and home care become perfect partners.

When people reach the point of wanting to spend all their energies on the important things in life, home care steps in and takes care of the necessary, but energy draining tasks such as meal preparation, housekeeping, personal care, medication reminders, errand running, transportation and making sure the person receiving care is always with a loving, caring person.  One BiosHealth family described their homecare-hospice experience warmly:

Mom and I were very skeptical about finding quality assistance to help us care for her husband.  After doing it all on our own for so long, we couldn’t imagine letting anyone in – and yet we knew we must.  We expected it would be very difficult (impossible maybe?) to find the right fit for our situation; but after I spoke to you and then Mom and I met with your executive director, we felt hopeful…

When we first contacted BiosHealth, we didn’t yet know that my mom’s husband was nearing his final days.  As we transitioned to hospice care, our needs were changed quickly.  Your manager was awesome at continually adapting as we provided feedback and she personally assessed the situation.  After just a few shifts, we were relieved and thankful to meet Lynn and DeMetria.  These professionals were exactly who we needed!

Lynn helped us through some difficult nights and we will be forever grateful for her attention to detail and the respect she showed to my mom’s husband.  She was completely devoted to his care.  We even dared to close our eyes and rest for a few minutes with Lynn here.  We trusted she would wake us, as we asked her to, when he awoke and needed assistance or at the designated time for medicine, personal care, etc.  Lynn was a compassionate caregiver to both my mom’s husband and the family as we kept vigil through the nights.  We will remember her fondly and thankfully.

DeMetria became a part of the family care team the last few days of his life and was with us at his bedside when he died.  She understood, perhaps better than we did, that he was very close to death and she would not leave his side that last day.  She stood sentry at the foot of his bed for many hours, refusing to sit or let her guard down in case he needed anything at all.  After he died, DeMetria and Janet, the hospice nurse, worked together to clean and dress his body and waited with us for the funeral director.  Her dignified, sober manner throughout the day demonstrated an understanding of the importance of those moments in our family member’s life and in the life of our family. DeMetria is a special soul.

We couldn’t have asked for more from your homecare agency and feel grateful beyond words for the professional assistance provided.  Thank you for helping us through this time.
Our goal is to help people and their families live life their way. Whether it is with a little help around the house, or teaming up with hospice to provide quality care and peace of mind for you and your family.  Being able to witness firsthand the relief and gratitude a family has when their loved one is taken care of is the reason we do what we do.

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